Harrisburg Diocesan Council of Catholic Women

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Spirituality Commission

Church: assist women on their journey to greater faith, hope and charity as they strive to imitate Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother Mary in their daily lives.

Service Commission

Community Concerns: support, sustain, and introduce programs focused on area needs and concern of our community.

Family Concerns: support, protect, and enhance the importance of family life within the Church and society; preserve and protect the sanctity of marriage; promote vocations.

Hispanic Apostolate/Migrant Ministries: provide funding through our yearly Hispanic Apostolate/Migrant Ministry collection; refer individuals to necessary services.

International Concerns: promote and support works of peace and justice globally; educate Council on world-wide issues.

Leadership Commission

Legislation/Respect Life: addressing issues such as d; ignity and sanctity of life; energy and the integrity of the environment; immigration reform; and health care.

Organization: supporting the Council in our Parish and District with training and providing resources in order to fulfill our goals.

Public Relations: promoting Council of Catholic Women organization events and programs.

Special Diocesan Activities Fund (SDA